small screens and large config dialogs


I'm using GNOME3 for some time now and I really like it. But one thing
gives me a hard time using GNOME3 on my 13" notebook: The configuration
dialogs of some applications, e.g. managing my identities for
Thunderbird, didn't fit on the screen. This makes it impossible to
change my settings since I can't see all options and can't reach the
"OK" and "Cancel" buttons. On GNOME2 I could use alt+left-mouse-button
to move the configuration dialog up but this doesn't work for GNOME3
where the dialog is attached to the main window.

Are you already aware of such problems? Is there already a solution,
maybe a shortcut to move the window up or something similar?

best wishes,

Björn Schießle <bjoern schiessle org>
gnupg key: 0x4EA69542528052C4
fingerprint: 40E1 B49B DADE 5802 C19A 2ADF 4EA6 9542 5280 52C4

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