Re: small screens and large config dialogs

On 11/12/11 15:15, Ross Burton wrote:
>> On Sat, Dec 10, 2011 at 05:03:05PM +0100, Dennis Benzinger wrote:
>>> I would be nice if you could detach a modal dialog from its parent.
>> There is a gconf/dconf option for that I think. Something like "attach
>> modal dialogs". The bug should be about dialogs longer than the screen
>> though, not about enabling some crappy workaround. Maybe e.g. limit size
>> of modal dialogs to the screen size.
> That isn't going to help when the size possible is larger than the screen, ie evolution preferences doesn't fit in 600px.

It helps in the way that it allows you to grab the window and move it up
to reach the options on the bottom of the dialog. Of course this is just
a workaround but it helped me to adjust my settings on Thunderbird. To
find a real solution i opened a bug #665924. To be honest I don't really
know how a good solution could look like but I hope that we will come up
with a solution because I think this is really important for the
usability of an desktop environment.


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