RE: Scroll to zoom in/out.

I (and others, like Netbook users) don't have a large display
Alt-Tab exists in GNOME now IN ADDITION TO the window list, why can't both a keyboard and mouse solution exist in shell?  Most of my day is spend reading (not replying) to emails and reading on the web. My hand is never on the keyboard in the first place so needing to put on there is actually less efficient
The third example uses Compiz and as that's not compatible with GNOME Shell, it's not a solution

> Subject: Re: Scroll to zoom in/out.
> From: tomek xiaoka com
> To: gnome-shell-list gnome org
> Date: Wed, 14 Apr 2010 07:41:49 +0200
> Dnia 2010-04-13, wto o godzinie 19:48 -0400, Jason Sauders pisze:
> > What if alt+scroll is bound to zoom
> > in/out? That'd be pretty handy.
> Good idea. :)
> +1
> > are we going to see some sort of dock-like or somehow an integrated
> > system to quickly switch between active applications WITHOUT having to
> > go to the overview mode (or alt tab) to do it?
> Please, no dock!
> Could you please elaborate, why do you think having all running
> applications visible at once and accessible with one click so important?
> Is there a use case, or is it just resistance to change the habit?
> There is a case when you are working with two/three windows (source and
> destination document) and need to be able to quickly change between
> them, but there are many sooooo better ways one could accomplish this.
> 1. If you have big display, just tile the windows to see them both at
> once. There are even WMs that enforce this workflow. [1]
> 2. If you are working with test, keyboard switcher (Atl-Tab) is so much
> quicker than leaving the keyboard and handling the mouse. We even have
> one application window switch shortcut (Alt-`)
> 3. Grouping working set windows in one using a window manager feature
> and switching the grouped windows with mouse or keyboard. [2] [3]
> [1]
> [2]
> [3]
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