Re: [gnome-network]File sharing from Nautilus

I'm new to open-source and GNOME development, so bear with me till I
catch on.
gnome-network I assume is a module, just like gnome-media.
so for sharing a folder, you would provide several mechanisms
1. SMB
2. NFS
3. SSH
5. FTP
there may be more.

some of them require root privileges some of them do not?. For example
http for webpages, can be setup generically for ~/public_html. So
wouldn't it be better if a designated folder was shared(myshares).
shareable through whatever means?

syncing can be done with rsync?.(would require root, setting it up)

Architecture wise, if something is to be shared generically and what
protocol is to be used is decided on the fly, wouldn't we need a daemon
that can do this(or require most of the ports open even if the folder is
not shared via the protocol).  A user level gnome-network-daemon? like


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