Hi all,

	I read some messages about a zerconf implementation. Mandrake use the
applications from zeroconf.sf.net, zcip (IP autoconfiguration) and tmdns
(multicast DNS responder). Yes, the tmdns is in the cvs and no announced
in the website, and zcip haven't cvs, but it's in the web page.

	This can be a good points to start a zeroconf implementation for
gnome-network. And with a DNS Service Discovery the implementation can
be more useful. Swampwolf implement it
(http://www.swampwolf.com/products/) in Howl, but use code from Apple's
Rendezvous, with the Apple license.

	What do you think about it? Perhaps starting with a glib port of zcip
and tmdns? Perhaps I'm wrong. Somebody know other zeroconf project?

P.D.: http://www.dotlocal.org/ is a zeroconf delevelopment community
with information and news about zeroconf products.

Regards, apg.

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