Re: [gnome-network]File sharing from Nautilus

On 2003.08.28 12:12, Rodrigo Moya wrote:
On Thu, 2003-08-28 at 12:01 +0100, Carlos Morgado wrote:

> The sharing advertisements/query would certainly involve URLs so running
> stuff in odd ports shouldn't be a problem. What could be a problem is a)
> everybody running a http server (however this could be cleverly masqed by

> http-server-in-shlib) and b) http not being good at all for sharing files
I was looking into the Zeroconf/rendezvous stuff, and found out Mandrake
has support for that. Is that a free implementation?

I just brushed up a bit on zeroconf, I don't think zeroconf as a whole is very relevant for this. The interesting part is the service autoconfig - zeroconf uses SLPv2 for adhoc announcements of services and as I expected (above) it uses URLs. So we can pretty do what we want regarding transport methods and server locations :) I couldn't find a (L)GPL implementation of SLP, best I could find was OpenSLP which has a bsd like license but i'm not sure it's OK

> this are *totally* diferent things. a daemon to handle network filesystems
> a totally diferent beast from an hardware notification manager. also,
> already are hardware notification managers.
well, the daemon would serve as an entry point for users to a lot of
system management tasks, not only hardware notifications.

I see, you mean on the gnome side. That could make sense.

right, syncing is a bad idea :-)

Also, it's rather hard to keep stuff coherent across the network.
This is a rather annoying problem, http and such is nice to share stuff RO but if you want to *really* share stuff you stumble into ugly cache/lock issues which nfs and the likes strugle against for the last oh 20 years :) (remember windows smb, it blew dead bears regarding rw access and it drove users insane)


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