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  • Re: Infrastructure | Gitlab reorganisation (#333), Andrea Veri (@averi)
  • Re: Infrastructure | Set up documentation status tracker (#431), Andrea Veri (@averi)
  • Re: Infrastructure | Host a bot on extensions rebooted channel (#509), Andrea Veri (@averi)
  • Infrastructure | Add developer access to my account (#626), Sophie Herold (@sophie-h)
  • Infrastructure | New Repository `World/Phosh/phosh` (#625), @guidog
  • Infrastructure | rsync credentials for a download.gimp.org mirror (#624), Aaron Toponce (@atoponce)
  • Infrastructure | Gitlab runner which supports KVM (#623), Sam Thursfield (@sthursfield)
  • Infrastructure | Link gnomeid, foundation_id and GitLab account (#622), Sophie Herold (@sophie-h)
  • Infrastructure | Subdomain for openqa.gnome.org (#621), @jjardon
  • Infrastructure | mirror of download.gimp.org in South Korea (#620), Junho Choi (@junhochoi)
  • Infrastructure | nic.funet.fi GIMP mirror (#618), nic-hks (@nic-hks)
  • Infrastructure | GIMP official mirror - mirror.umd.edu (#617), Moshe Katz (@kohenkatz)
  • [GNOME Blogs] Some plugins and themes have automatically updated, GNOME Blogs Mailer
  • [GNOME Blogs] Some themes were automatically updated, GNOME Blogs Mailer
  • Infrastructure | Mailing list alias is bouncing back for one address (#613), Felipe Borges (@felipeborges)
  • Re: Infrastructure | TAGMSG: Unknown command (#602), Andrea Veri (@averi)
  • Re: Infrastructure | Redirect developer.gnome.org to the new Developer Center website (#603), Allan Day (@aday)
  • Re: Infrastructure | New repository GNOME/calls (#605), Evangelos Ribeiro Tzaras (@devrtz)
  • [GNOME Blogs] Some plugins were automatically updated, GNOME Blogs Mailer
  • Infrastructure | automatic timezone updates fail (#609), Matthias Clasen (@matthiasc)
  • Re: Infrastructure | Deploy on trigger for DL and pre-production instance (#606), Guillaume Bernard (@gbernard)
  • Re: Infrastructure | Infrastructure to deploy openQA (#570), @jjardon
  • Infrastructure | Lasem project maitainership request (#608), Emmanuel Pacaud (@EmmanuelP)

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