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  • Infrastructure | Archive glabels (#493), Jim Evins
  • Infrastructure | Would it be possible to have access to an ARM machine capable of virtualization? (#492), Fabiano Fidêncio
  • Infrastructure | IRC: remove Commits and bugbot for certain projects (#491), Sébastien Wilmet
  • Re: Infrastructure | I can find the answer (#488), Andrea Veri
  • Infrastructure | Archive gnome-software-list (#489), Philip Withnall
  • [GNOME Blogs] Some plugins were automatically updated, GNOME Blogs Mailer
  • Infrastructure | Request git account: Mohammed Tayeh (#487), Mohammed Tayeh
  • Infrastructure | Add DNS entries for some projects' pages (#486), Adrien Plazas
  • Re: Infrastructure | Change the default branch name for new repos (#376), Christian Stadelmann
  • Infrastructure | Q (#485), abdu rahman
  • Infrastructure | GNOME GitLab group permissions (#484), Alejandro Domínguez
  • Re: Infrastructure | Archive vino (#406), Andre Klapper
  • Infrastructure | Cannot scroll sanely existing labels with mouse (#483), Milan Crha
  • Infrastructure | Archive gcompris (#482), Andre Klapper
  • Infrastructure | GitLab sign in page is confusing (#481), Allan Day
  • Infrastructure | Create a cloak on IRC for the Matrix gateway (#480), Thibault Martin
  • Infrastructure | Migrating Health to World (#479), Rasmus Thomsen
  • Re: Infrastructure | Use Doap to assign Op and Power Levels (#475), Andrea Veri
  • Re: Infrastructure | Hard to create an LDAP account (#433), A.M. Rowsell
  • Re: Infrastructure | Merge bot for Shell and Mutter (#464), Bartłomiej Piotrowski
  • Infrastructure | ftp.gnome.org: Firefox and Google Chrome marking all recent source archives as malware (#477), andrewnz-nz
  • Infrastructure | Error when pushing to gexiv2 due to lack of a DOAP category (#476), Olav Vitters
  • Re: Infrastructure | gnome-build-meta keeps producing corrupt ostree objects (#446), Bartłomiej Piotrowski
  • Re: Infrastructure | Set up documentation status tracker (#431), Bartłomiej Piotrowski

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