Re: Infrastructure | Create a cloak on IRC for the Matrix gateway (#480)

Title: GitLab

Thibault Martin commented:

As discussed in #opers, the cloak isn’t the route we want to follow because it can be harder to maintain for IRC administrators.

The best solution seems to be to set an alias to have the following commands available for room owners:

  • /spamprotect on #channel to perform the command MODE #channel +qe *!*2001:470:1af1:104:*
  • /spamprotect off #channel to perform the command MODE #channel -q

The actual commands need to be confirmed by the IRC administrators.

When confirmed, before setting this up I need to:

  1. Create a test room in IRC
  2. Use the first command to protect the room
  3. Try to join with a Matrix user unregistered on IRC
  4. Exchange a few messages from both sides and check everything happens well
  5. Remove the protection with the second command
  6. Exchange a few messages from both sides
  7. Leave an and re-join as the Matrix user

Also, as mentioned by Andrea, the unrealircd documentation suggests that +qe doesn’t exist. It might be a +Me command instead, to be confirmed.

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