Infrastructure | Cannot scroll sanely existing labels with mouse (#483)

Title: GitLab

Milan Crha created an issue #483:

Something happened to the list of available labels when I want to assign some to the issue. I click "Edit", it opens the list and when I want to scroll the list with a mouse wheel (cursor above the list), then one step of the wheel scrolls much more, quite unexpectedly more; the same when I use the scrollbar buttons. It makes the list unusable without searching, but that means you know what labels are available.

I guess and only guess it's due to the long label names, which could be added only recently to the group of the common labels. That's a plain guess though. Maybe it's a regression after any recent update, if there was any (I see this for more than a week, I think, I only didn't dare to file it).

When I try it here, where all the label names are reasonably short (one-line), I cannot reproduce the misbehavior.

In case you'd like to upstream this, then, please, shorten the label names to workaround the bug until upstream fixes it (which can take ages).

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