Re: Infrastructure | Use Doap to assign Op and Power Levels (#475)

Title: GitLab

Andrea Veri commented:

@mrmcq2u, while this would be a nice have the core problem is IRC servers not using the same authentication backend the bot would use: that is GNOME Accounts authentication system based on LDAP. That means someone could go ahead and claim an username that is owned by somebody else in LDAP, and that's totally legitimate in IRC, the bot would go ahead and grant this user access to a channel. There's no plan whatsoever to integrate IRC servers with LDAP as runs on top of, so there's more than just GNOME in there not including the security risks of having an untrusted network communicating with our internal network which is where LDAP runs. This should be handled in a different way and discussed further in case Matrix is going to become the de facto communication tool for the GNOME community.

What we did back in the days was having a GNOME Operators Team which had wide access across a wide series of IRC channels. That way they could grant more people access without having to poke IRC Network Operators all the time. The solution is delegating this role as much as possible for GNOME specific channels and having multiple contributors rotate during multiple timezones for either CoC enforcing and general channel help.

Given there's nothing actionable for us here, I'm marking as closed. @thiblahute, this discussion should be however kept on the original issue: Teams/Engagement/initiatives/chat-evaluation#9.

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