Re: Infrastructure | Hard to create an LDAP account (#433)

Title: GitLab

A.M. Rowsell commented:

I have to agree with this: even coming from a developer perspective and wanting to contribute code, I was (and still am, to some degree) extraordinarily confused about the accounts system. It feels like at some point everything was supposed to be unified under LDAP, but then various pieces got left out. Yet you need an LDAP account to do certain things, but you don't need one to contribute code. The distinction that confused me was between Gitlab accounts and LDAP accounts. When applying for a new account on this Infrastructure issues page, I thought (originally) that I was just applying for a GitLab account with more permissions. But it sounds like it's actually a full LDAP account? This isn't really made clear at either, but I'm pretty sure the two are one and the same.

Anyway, I think an improvement to the Wiki could definitely help. I do actually have a GNOME Wiki account (totally separate from LDAP and GitLab and everything else, for that matter) and so I'd be willing to help write these changes (I do technical writing as one of my side gigs).

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