Re: GNOME Bugzilla Upgrade: Test Upgrade On Friday?

Owen Taylor wrote:
 A) We start from the RHEL mysql configuration, manage modified
    config files with puppet, create databases, and give you access
    at the database level.

I have a preference toward A), because it avoids creating special
knowledge for this particular situation that sysadmins will have to
learn about. If we can make it just a normal MySQL server setup, then
once someone understands puppet, they will be immediately able to go in
and do stuff.

Yeah, that sounds totally fine. I think I've pretty much already given you all the my.cnf stuff that needs to be done, and if I need any RPMs installed that aren't on the machine(s) already, I can just request them if there's a sysadmin around on IRC to help me.

Max Kanat-Alexander
Chief Engineer
Everything Solved: Complete Computer Management

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