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> 2010/11/2 Jorge González González <aloriel gmail com>:
> > I guess we should distinguish between two kind of errors:
> > * Errors from the application, which should be translated and the user
> > will, for sure, see
> > * Internal errors, usually shown at the command line, which the user
> > *may* see, but which are the ones I mentioned that when you search for
> > them in other languages, rather than English, you can't find info.
> >
> > And I guess the hackers know perfectly which are both of them.
> >
> To be pragmatic about it, I wouldn't care for smaller modules (say,
> <100 strings after schema filtering - gtk-engines, libgnome-keyring).
> For mid-size modules (say <500 strings after filtering -
> nautilus-actions, gdm, gedit maybe) I only really care if the error
> messages take up >25% of the strings to be translated. For the larger
> modules, leveraging existing message context/translator comments or
> creating GNOME goals to supply said context would work so long as D-L
> can do the filtering.

Actually, and still being pragmatic, since all translation strings have
their reference to the actual code, you can go there and add this
context/translator comment by yourself, generate a patch and send it to
developers to review it and ensure that it doesn't break anything (thus
a GNOME goal with the exact syntax and guidelines could streamline the
process a lot).


> Most of the internal/developer-oriented errors are stuck in core
> libraries, so you could start just by looking at filtering those. In
> gtk+, as an example, all the stock messages already have a message
> context IIRC. Filtering down to those would give me a big chunk of the
> high-visibility strings in that module with no additional work - it
> isn't all the user-visible strings, of course, but for a
> casual/first-time contributor it's far less intimidating than a
> version with all those highly technical error messages.

gil forcada

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