Re: Translating schema files (was: Re: Survey results (yay!))

I think we should definitely separate out the schemas strings, because
they are guarantied not to be very user visible and because it can be
done solely on our side and automatic.

When it comes to error messages I think we should not. I quite simply
do not think it is worth the effort the developers will have to put in
it and I don't think it is actually possible to implement. Please
consider, that this is not just about a one time "run through the
code" kind of thing. Main developers will also have to keep this all
in mind when reviewing future patches and so on. Then try to remember
that even now, we have some guidelines for how developers should
internationalize their strings (don't split sentences and do not make
parantheses (s) plural endings and that sort of thing), and even those
rules are not followed some times. And I do not think it is a matter
of developers not wanting to, but simply that it is a lot of work to
learn and implement all the rules. I do not think that the improvement
that we might have from this warrants us adding to that complexity.
AND besides all the above, this work it will also depend on us being
able to _define_ which error messages should be marked in which way
and us communicating that definition to developers. It will be a world
of pain and is not worth it.

Regards Kenneth

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