Re: Translating schema files (was: Re: Survey results (yay!))

El dl 01 de 11 de 2010 a les 18:35 +0100, en/na Jorge González González
va escriure:
> El lun, 01-11-2010 a las 19:29 +0200, Ihar Hrachyshka escribió:
> > You're wrong when speaking about "normal user". Normal user:
> > 1) either use Google or NOT for searching problem solutions;
> > 2) should be able to fix the problem with no external help (google,
> > friends, tech support). If not, then the software is wrong, the error
> > messages are wrong, but the errors localisation is ok.
> Well, obviously we don't deal with the same "normal users".
> > 
> > So though I'm for separating schema messages, I'm against separating
> > errors from UI messages.
> I'm against separating them since it will include more files to push and
> handle, but I'm against translating them at all.

My first idea was to split to different files, but Simo's approach was
about giving D-L the ability to show different filtered files from the
same file (and only one po file in git).

So you then would be able to either translate everything (errors,
schemas and "ui") or just some parts (first only the ui, then the errors
and finishing with the schemas).

That way keeping only a single file for each module but showing them as
a separate files small teams and new contributors would feel that their
translations make sense from the very beginning.

Then the question is how to create this filters and implementing them in

Anyone is up to this?


> > Ihar

gil forcada

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