Re: Yoruba, Hausa and Igbo (yo, ha, ig) Licensing

2009/1/17 Christian Rose <menthos gnome org>:
> On 1/16/09, Thomas Thurman <tthurman gnome org> wrote:
>> A month ago, I contacted:
>>  saudat mohammed <saudat wazobialinux com>
>> Sylvester Onye <sylvester wazobialinux com>
>> Sunday Ayo Fajuyitan <ayo wazobialinux com>
>> The first two immediately bounced.  The second has not replied.
> I assume you mean the third address?

Yes-- sorry.

I have since found another address for Yoruba: Abayomi Mobolaji
Onibudo (bonibz at hotmail dot com), given on .  I haven't tried to contact this
person yet.

>>  i18n people: Since we now have the GPL metadata, is it reasonable for
>>  me to go ahead with merging translation for GPL packages such as
>>  Metacity?
> Yes please. The big problem in the case of these languages is of
> course the lack of volunteers, but perhaps some or partial
> translations will at least help spur some interest. Thanks for your
> offer to help out integrating these.

I've now merged translations for


into the HEAD of each, msgmerging each one with the .pot for HEAD.
Could the Damned Lies people tell the site that ig=Igbo and ha=Hausa,

I did not merge evolution because it's LGPL (those I did merge are
GPL).  I did not merge anything else because they're non-GNOME
projects (unless I missed something) and so I don't have commit rights
for them.

Feedback is welcome!



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