Yoruba, Hausa and Igbo (yo, ha, ig) Licensing

I mounted the disk image and poked around a bit.  There are no .po files in the root filesystem, but there is a documentation folder: /usr/share/doc/wazobia-release-1/ which contains licensing information, including the GPL and a README/eula file that explain the contents of the "CD" being licensed under the GPL.  It's pretty much all verbatim from an FC4 image.  I've put a (temporary) tarball at http://www.chrismurf.com/waz-rel1.tgz of that folder for others who want to have a look.  Since they bothered to change the folder name to wazobia-release-1, it seems like they have explicitly selected the GPL?

I've got the images mounted, and I'm happy to pull out other things if that's useful.  The *.mo files are all there, but there's no *.po files.

- Chris Murphy (a planet gnome lurker)

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