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"Rebecca J. Walter" <rjp mail tele dk> writes:

> I cc:ed the head gimp docs guy since he does the building and the style
> sheets.
> we have a custom made style sheet that prof built.  he does all the
> fancy work. i just proofread and yell at everyone for bad english. :-) 
> but we do use the standard docbook 4.1 dtd (although installing it on
> redhat is annoying)
> (redhat had BAD sgml support)

Just to stand up for myself here, as I was responsible for DB in

We support *stable* DB dtds - when 7.0 came out we had DB 4.0 and
people were complaining about it, because it had problems. We decided
not to ship it, of course 4.1 came out just after we froze, but that
is life. So saying we have bad SGML support is, IMHO, not fair... if
you care more about things working, rather than using the latest and
perhaps not so greatest, it has *fine* support.

FWIW.. 7.1 will have *all* DBs from 3.x to 4.1 and will be using the
new FSH/LSB certified file locations and docbook-utils, plus we helped
work on those standards, along with Suse, Debian, Connectiva, and

</standing up for myself> 

Still - you will not find *any* available tools that are easy to use
for DB XML+XSL unless you want to use Java. I am fairly sure we(GDP)
don't want to use Java. But our plan seems to be OK - we will be
moving to XML about the time that we are able to create easy tools
thanks to Daniel's work.



David Mason
Red Hat Advanced Development Labs
dcm redhat com (919)547-0012 x248

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