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On Mon, Mar 17, 2003 at 12:12:28PM +0000, Dafydd Tomos wrote:
> On Mon, Mar 17, 2003 at 12:32:20PM +0000, Kevin Donnelly wrote:
> > I agree.  But I have one question related to "cyfeiriadur" - if that
> > is used for "directory", what do we use for "address-book"?
> Llyfr Cyfeiriadau. Easy.


> > > which I don't think matches well with the original, since it seems to me
> > > to imply "user's name" whereas it isn't necessarily anything to do with
> > > the user's name at all. I suspect something based on "cyfrif" would be
> > > better.
> > 
> > Enw defnydd, defnydd-enw?
> Enw cyfrif (account name, as opposed to user's Real Name)

Agreed. Simple in hindsight :).

> > > "Remove". The current favourite is "Tynnu", which I don't feel works
> > > very well, since the obvious meaning is "pull". We could use "dileu" but
> > > there's probably a reason why the English doesn't use "delete" in the
> > > frist place.
> In the GNOME glossary, Remove is defined as "To delete permanently",
> so 'Dileu' is fine but in other contexts it could well mean 'to take
> away' or 'to take off'.

Hmm. Is there any difference between "delete" and "remove"? If not,
perhaps we should just use one word for both. I think "gwaredu", as
Kevin suggested, might fit the bill.

> > > "Desktop". Currently, "bwrdd gwaith" is getting used. Literally, that's
> > > something like "work table". It doesn't help that "desktop" is used to
> > > mean more than one thing: what you can see on the screen, the whole
> > > Gnome environment, and what'r underneath all your windows. At any rate,
> > > I don't really like "bwrdd gwaith".
> > 
> > Nor do my kids, who can't understand where it has come from or what
> > it really refers to. 
> Penbwrdd. Has long been used for DTP - Cyhoeddi penbwrdd. But people
> that standardise terms don't always choose the most sensible option.
> > I think "teclyn" is terrific.
> Teclyn is already used for 'tool'/menu/bar etc. Of course, widget is
> really just a synonym for tool.

I've thought "offeryn" a better fit for "tool". "Bar offer" a "Dewislen
offer" sound ok too.

I think Widget is a bit more general than tool because it includes
things like windows, images and invisible containers too.

> > I agree (for what it's worth - all my comments should be in the
> > light of the fact that I'm butting in to your language here :-).
> > That raises another point - animate versus inanimate.  To me, it
> > seems that inanimate things should preferably have the ending -ydd,
> > and animate things the ending -wr (unless where there is a history
> > of using something else).  But "server" has been translated
> > sometimes as "gwasanaethwr" which, apart from being long, implies a
> > person to me rather tahn a thing - I think "gweinydd"  is much
> > better.
> So do I, which is why I originally introduced it to the world.


> > Another question: is "configure" "ffurfweddu" or "ffurfosod"?  And is 
> > "application" "cymhwysiad" or "cymhwysiant"?
> Cymhwysiad (but who uses it?!)

The whole distinction between "program" and "application" seems fairly
arbitrary to me, and I think there's a case to be made for discarding
"application" entirely, just as "folder" seems to be another word for


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