Re: [gnome-cy] Kartouche, CVS, keyboards, etc.

On Mon, 2003-03-17 at 01:13, Dafydd Harries wrote:
> I'm a little fuzzy on the relationship between Kartouche and Gnome
> CVS. Are the strings in Kartouche taken from HEAD? How are new
> versions of messages handled? How do strings get from Kartouche into
> CVS? It would be nice if CVS were not far behind Kartouche, since it
> means that the GTP's statistics will be up-to-date.

They are taken from the translation page recommended list, which uses 
2.2 for most things and HEAD for some new stuff. Getting it back into
gnome-cvs is a case of someone approving the strings, ensuring they 
are in UTF8 format, and CVS committing them

> It would be nice if we could start using intermediate results. I think
> using a partial translation (with non-translated messages left in
> English) would help give a feel for the status of the project and

Agreed - and avoid collisions

> Hmm. I came up with the following:
> 	xmodmap -e 'keycode 66 = Multi_key'
> which works if I run it inside X, but not, it seems, from my
> ~/.xsession. It maps the CapsLock key to the X equivalent of Compose.
> This might also work:

The default Linux X11 bindings include shift right-alt as Multi_Key btw

> are displayed correctly when I copy and paste them into Mozilla. At the
> moment, it's not cooperating with w^ and y^. I don't understand the character
> coding/locale/font/X/GTK/whatever interactions well enough to venture a
> guess as to why I'm encountering the problems I am encountering.

You must be using a UTF8 locale, UTF8 aware terminal (konsole in kde3,
gnome-terminal with vte in Gnome2.2, xterm), and its a bit funky if
you don't have a suitable font.

localedef -i cy_GB -f UTF-8 cy_GB.utf8

from memory, will generate the cy_GB.utf8 locale for you if your 
system lacks it.


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