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On Mon, Mar 17, 2003 at 02:05:18AM +0000 or thereabouts, Dafydd Harries wrote:
> I just thought of a couple more points.


> 	Original:    R_un a custom command instead of my shell
> 	Translation: Cyflawni gorchymyn arall yn lle fy nghragen i (_U)
> I'm 99% sure that maintaining the same accelerator in the translation is
> unneccessary, since the string is where the information on the
> keybinding is kept, and not anywhere else, so if it says _A in the
> translation, then A will be the accelerator.

Yes. In GNOME, That could be

  _Cyflawni gorchymyn arall yn lle fy nghragen i
  Cyflawni gorchymyn _arall yn lle fy nghragen i

And so on. 

On the other hand, if people who use keybindings are used to
the bindings and don't see them as language-specific, so to
speak, you could leave all the bindings untranslated and have
the original letter as in your example. I don't know what 
other programs already do. 

Shells, now... I printed out that proto-GNOME glossary yesterday
(it was 30 sheet of paper, with two pages per sheet) and Gareth and 
Chris pored over it checking it. Those are the words we hope to use
as 'standard' translations in GNOME. They're abour 90% there. 

One of the interesting words was "shell". The original intended
analogy when the term shell was introduced was likening an OS to
a nut. (Some are clearly more nutty than others.) So at the
centre is a kernel and on the outside is the (nut)shell.

Has Welsh largely settled on cragen as a translation? We had 
three words: that, mantell... and plisgyn. Is there a consensus
on shell being cragen? Apparently plisgyn fits the idea better.

I'll bring the sheaf of paper along to the LUG in Swansea
tonight. Anyone within reach of that is welcome to come along (*)
and suggest other words. Then I'll update the proto-glossary
and post it here: and I'll put a second list of just the ones
which are empty or "not sure here". 

And then we can get cracking. 

I saw someone had added comments where "AND" and "OR" were 
included in the po files about "Are we really translating

The answer is no. But the difference between these two: 

msgid "AND"
msgstr ""

msgid "AND"
msgstr "AND" that most tools for working out the completed-ness of
the file will count the first as a missing translation, so 
that even if the rest of the file is perfect, it will say 99%
complete, and people will go through looking for that one last
untranslated string when there's no need.

(This is a real pain when doing en_GB translations: all of
them languish at 30% or so because there aren't that many 
words with different spellings.)


* Swansea LUG meeting: directions off
and if you're coming from either Carmarthen or Cardiff way,
there may be lifts: check the posts on announce or discuss
list for details: but ask before about 5.00pm :)

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