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On Thu, Mar 13, 2003 at 08:40:35PM +0000 or thereabouts, Rhoslyn Prys wrote:
> Just a quick thanks to Alan for the Glossary, I need to spend more time 
> checking it out but it looks good, 'Rhagorol...'.

There are more changes now, after Gareth and Chris went through it
at the weekend. It's 140kb, so I am tempted to post a gzip'd version
to the list. Can everyone on the list handle that sort of attachment?

Or there's a 16kb diff -u :) 

Whilst I was typing it up, I see Dafydd and Kevin rendering parts
of it out-of-date already. Ho hum. 

Brief summary:

  * Filled a number of the stupid strings that are the same in both:
    TCLASS, WVLAN, VFS, etc. The only reason to bother doing this is,
    as said before, to avoid the file showing up as ((% complete and
    someone downloading it to fill in the last strings and finding 
    all these rubbishy "UNIX" and "AND" strings are what caused the
    missing 1%.

  * Added:

  Encapsulated Postscript: Ffeil EPS.
  Group: grw^p
  Metafile: metaffeil.
  Number convertor: Cyfnewidydd rhifau
  Obsolete: Wedi goroesi.
  Resize: newid maint.
  Standby: ar alw.
  sub-shell support: medru is-$SHELL (ie, whatever 'shell' turns out to be!)
  substring: islinyn
  Suffix: olddodiad
  TERM variable: newidyn TERM
  Thumbnails: lliniau bach
  Tile: teilio
  Time stamp: stamp amser
  Uninstall: dileu
  Urgent condition: Amod erys
  X-Align: Cyfuno echelin
  Zigzagline: Llinell igam ogam

  * Changed: 

  Backup: from copi cadw to copi wrth gefn.
  Base: from bas to bo^n (suggestion of bonyn, too)
  Dialogue box: from blwch dialog to blwch deialog. 
  Dialout device: from dyfaid to dyfais.
  Division by zero: from rhannu gyda dim to rhannu gyda zero.
  Echo: from eco to atseinio.
  Eject: from gwrthod to bwrw allan.
  E-mail: it got a capital E.
  Inactive window: from ffenstr anweithredol to ffenest anweithredol
  Margins: ffiniau (but see below)
  Recursion: from dychweliad to ymddychweliad

  * Left empty still:

  Actuator		  Antialiasing		  Argument (command-line sort)
  Dithering               Killer app              line arguments 
  Orthflow                Pager                   Picker Settings
  Pixmap                  Ployline                Pooled Varianc
  Private key             Propagation             protected workbooks 
  Public key              Quoting                 Radar map
  Reboot                  Receptivity             Resident
  Restart (reboot)        Retry                   Scalable
  search string           Selection               Slashed cross
  Snap                    Spam                    Special character
  Startup                 startup files           Startup Program
  Stock Ticker            Strikethrough           stripchart program
  Ticker Properties       Type mismatch           User defined
  Valid chars             Viewport

  * Stuff we decided to ask here.

    - Pecyn is used to translate package, packet and application. 
      The same word is used for both package and packet in at least 
      one other locale (.fr); but would rhaglen be better for application?
    - Discard: rhoi heibio, or gwaredu? 
    - Dismiss: gwrthod or gollwng?
    - Margins: ffiniau or ymylon? (actually, I decided that, because I
      just found ymyl in termiadur today :)) 
    - Obsolete: Wedi goroesi or anarferedig?
    - Shell: mantell, cragen or plisgyn? 
    - Submit: awgrymu or danfon? 
    - zero: dim or sero?
    - applet: is there a nice diminutive in Welsh, so it could be a
      little app? One of the suggestions was to translate it as
      'accessories', but the applets are divided into categories,
      one of which is accessories already, so that's going to confuse. 
    - GUI: RhGD, or leave untranslated? 
    - picsfap for pixmap?
    - If public key is allwedd gyhoeddus, is there something for private?
    - ail-fwtio for restart/reboot? 
    - ail-geisio for retry?
    - How to translate viewport. It and virtual desktop (and workspace,
      sigh) all have very specific meanings, and the difference can
      be important.

  * Other notes:

    - If "Cost" is the noun, it should be cost, not costio.
    - Similarly, need to find out whether cross-reference is noun or verb.
    - Someone queried "gwrthdaro" for "crash".
    - One or two of these should not be seen by users anyway, and I
      think some many have been removed for Gnome 2.x. Checking up on
      that. The ones I think are no longer there are the stripchart
      program and a stock ticker. Don't rush to translate those until
      we know whether they're necessary! I cannot believe that 'actuator'
      is -anywhere- in GNOME. Boggle.
    - Bugger. I lost the pages covering L. Sorry!

    - Finally, I have given in and bought a copy of the termiadur book :) 


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