Re: Evolution question.

I just checked rpm and it states i have evolution-2.0-43 installed.
Perhaps I should upgrade to a newer version of Evolution from Mandrake
The evolution 2.0 has very poor a11y support. It is much improved in 2.2 and 2.4. You can upgrade to 2.2 or just wait for 2.4's release in a month which will be released together with Gnome 2.12.
    Anyway, in all version of evolution, if you receive a mail with 
attachment, you will see a dropdown button in the mail body for each of 
the attachment. Click on it, you will see a popup menu and you can 
choose "Save As" menuitem to save the attachment.

I can't find this button. Perhaps it is do to the version I am using?
either that or gnopernicus doesn't see it? The to button has the same
problem where  gnopernicus can't find it.
I don't have a 2.0 installed, so I am not sure about the status.  What do you mean by "gnopernicus doesn't see it"?  Do  you mean using Tab key to switch focus around and cannot hear gnopernicus speak the name of the button? I can hear it in evolution 2.2. In Evolution 2.4, there is a "Save All" button added to save all the attachments.
    For the gnopernicus speech problem, there is a related bug:
    When the patch there is committed, you should be able to hear the 
whole table line in verbose mode. I just added a comment to ask for the 
status of the patch.

Thanks. I will be greatful if this patch works. I use evolution as my
mmain email client and anything to make it more accessible helps.
I wrote to the patch owner and no response yet :(


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