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HI Cody:

The problems you are having are related but have slightly different root causes. In order for gnopernicus (or any Gnome accessibility client) to work properly, the application must implement the necessary accessibility interfaces and load a "bridge" through which it communicates to the AT-SPI accessibility framework. KDE applications don't yet do this, although the KDE team has been working to support AT-SPI in the KDE 4 timeframe. For best results with Mozilla, you'll need one of the 'Sun builds' of Mozilla, which are periodically published to this mailing list and can be downloaded in source code form and I believe as RPMs for some platforms as well.

For Gaim, things should work OK for you if you first set a special GTK_MODULES variable in your environment. There is a distinction that can be made between applications that base their entire user interface on gtk+, and those that depend on more of the Gnome libraries. at startup if assistive technology support is needed, but the second type of program gets notified automatically "Gtk+-only" or "pure Gtk+" programs (including Gaim) do not. So to make Gaim work you need to set GTK_MODULES=gail:atk-bridge from the command line (the syntax depends on your setup, probably either "setenv GTK_MODULES gail:atk-bridge" or "export GTK_MODULES=gail:atk-bridge" will do it, then start 'gaim' from the same command line.

You may find more useful information you want in the appendices to the Gnome 2.10 Accessibility Guide:



Hurst, Cody wrote:

 Hello I'm having some issues with gnopernicus. I've done my research and
google reports that the instant messenger GAIM works with gnopernicus but
when i truied to use it, gnopernicus will not read anything. Evolution seems
to work fine, but KMail does the same thing as gaim, reads nothing. I can't
get to the menu bar, if there is one, and I can't read anything in it. I'm
also having issues with Mozilla web browser, and I've also tried conqueror.
I can't use anything other then evolution email really. now I haven't
upgrade gnopernicus 0.10.4 on my SuSe 9.3 system to v 0.11.4 but I hope it
has some improvments. its really a great project they shoujld keep working



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