Re: Evolution question.

Hi, Thomas,
Which version of evolution are you using? Anyway, in all version of evolution, if you receive a mail with attachment, you will see a dropdown button in the mail body for each of the attachment. Click on it, you will see a popup menu and you can choose "Save As" menuitem to save the attachment.

   For the gnopernicus speech problem, there is a related bug:
When the patch there is committed, you should be able to hear the whole table line in verbose mode. I just added a comment to ask for the status of the patch.

Thomas Ward wrote:

Hi list,
I noticed that evolution will allow me to send attachments but I can't
figure out how to save attachments ffrom my emails. Does evolution allow
saving of attachments or do I have to find another mail client to do
Won of the things I need out of a mail client is to be able to send and
recieve source code attachments and other things I need for my projects.
One last question. Does newer versions of evolution have the problem
fixed withgnopernicus speaking the sender and subject as you move down
through the list of messages?
I like evolution but hearing checked and unchecked and that is it is

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