Gnopernicus and gnome programs

  Hello I'm having some issues with gnopernicus. I've done my research and
google reports that the instant messenger GAIM works with gnopernicus but
when i truied to use it, gnopernicus will not read anything. Evolution seems
to work fine, but KMail does the same thing as gaim, reads nothing. I can't
get to the menu bar, if there is one, and I can't read anything in it. I'm
also having issues with Mozilla web browser, and I've also tried conqueror.
I can't use anything other then evolution email really. now I haven't
upgrade gnopernicus 0.10.4 on my SuSe 9.3 system to v 0.11.4 but I hope it
has some improvments. its really a great project they shoujld keep working



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