Re: Evolution question.

On Mon, 2005-08-15 at 16:53 +0800, Harry Lu wrote:
>     Which version of evolution are you using? 

I just checked rpm and it states i have evolution-2.0-43 installed.
Perhaps I should upgrade to a newer version of Evolution from Mandrake

>     Anyway, in all version of evolution, if you receive a mail with 
> attachment, you will see a dropdown button in the mail body for each of 
> the attachment. Click on it, you will see a popup menu and you can 
> choose "Save As" menuitem to save the attachment.

I can't find this button. Perhaps it is do to the version I am using?
either that or gnopernicus doesn't see it? The to button has the same
problem where  gnopernicus can't find it.

>     For the gnopernicus speech problem, there is a related bug:
>     When the patch there is committed, you should be able to hear the 
> whole table line in verbose mode. I just added a comment to ask for the 
> status of the patch.

Thanks. I will be greatful if this patch works. I use evolution as my
mmain email client and anything to make it more accessible helps.

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