[Gimp-user] UI drag and drop issues prevent layer reorder or dialog tab reorder

I actually have 2014 as well, it was just a typo xD
Glad I could help ;)

Thank you for the Tip with Kaspersky.

we found also a way to solved the Problem, albeit in a roundabout way.

I try to explain:

I open Windows Control Panel/Display.
Then I switch Clear Type text off and then on again.
Then I changed the Text Size of Menu to 11 and then back to 9.

The Window Control Panel/Display must still be open.

When I now started GIMP, drag and drop works as it should.

Now I can close the Window Control Panel/Display, and as long as I do not close
GIMP, everything works fine.

But when I close GIMP when the Window Control Panel/Display is closed the Drag
and Drop Problem is still there.

BTW: 2.8.10 has the same Problem on this System as 2.8.8

I hope it is understandable.

Merry X-mas

JanKardel (via www.gimpusers.com/forums)

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