Re: [Gimp-user] UI drag and drop issues prevent layer reorder or dialog tab reorder

I confirm this behavior of GIMP. When I´m capturing a video (I use the program Snagit) I see that drag and drop doesn´t work. As far as a stop SangIt drag and drop works fine.

Am 07.12.2013 20:01, schrieb kzibart:
Hmmm.... ok well tell us if this reappears. And if you can find any
specific reproduction procedure or hint at how to make it fail would
help. But right now, I have no idea.

Well, the issues returned today, and I was able to capture them on video:

In the video, you can see me trying to drag layers.  As I do so, there is no
black line indicating where they will end up when I release the mouse.  And when
I do release the mouse, nothing happens.  Similarly, when I try to drag the
Paths tab, it shows it being moved, but there is no indication of where it will
land when I release the mouse.  And releasing the mouse button just undocks it
even though I'm over another tab.  And I can't drag it back and dock it.  Then I
click on a few different tools.  The first two clicks work, changing the tools.
But subsequent clicks just outline the tool without switching to it.

After capturing the video, just before submitting this reply, I noticed that
everything was working again.  I hadn't even closed GIMP.  It was the same
session that I used to capture the video of the issues.  Dragging layers,
reordering tabs, clicking tools, all are working again.  I think the
inconsistency is the most frustrating thing.  I have no idea what's breaking or
fixing it.  I can't find any pattern to it at all.  I mean, it seems
environmental, but GIMP is the only program affected.  And I use this computer
for lots of different things (Lightroom, Movie Studio, Inkscape, Blender,
Chrome, gaming, etc.).

I appreciate your time, but unless I can identify a pattern or something, this
seems like a lost cause.  If I ever do determine what breaks or restores
functionality, I'll be sure to report back.  And if there's anything you'd like
me to try, just let me know.

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