[Gimp-user] UI drag and drop issues prevent layer reorder or dialog tab reorder

Yeah, it only fixed it for me for about a week.  I checked and neither
update had been reapplied, so I don't know why it broke again.  Until
your reply, I hadn't heard of anyone else with this problem.  I've
actually learned some tricks to get around some of the issues, like
clicking on UI elements and then pressing the space bar to activate
them (what clicking was supposed to do in the first place).  And
reordering layers can be done through the Layers menu.  I do most of
my work on another computer now that doesn't have this issue though.

Thx for your quick reply.

Yes I also found some shortcut to manipulate layer but now I'm stuck. I have to
manipulate a lot of layer and I would like to store some of them in different
layer groups but it's seems there is no possibility to move them in a group
without drag-and-drop :(

Zou (via www.gimpusers.com/forums)

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