Re: [Gimp-user] About bad new save export function in Gimp-2.8

On 09/11/2012 04:25 AM, Steve Kinney wrote:
My word processor responds to "control-s" by saving the open document in its own native format, which does not happen to be suitable for distribution to end users. My audio editor does the same thing. My video editors do the same thing. My vector editor does the same thing. The difference between "saving" work in progress while using a specific tool, and "exporting" data files for distribution to the great unwashed public, is not something that was arbitrarily made up by GIMP developers. It is a basic fact o' life for those who work with digital media of any kind. Yeah I know, responding to this subject is a clear cut case of feeding teh trollz - but see earlier posts for adequate excuses, and at least I am in good company. :o) Steve

Which word processor might that be? The MS Office versions I have used do not behave this way. LibreOffice most certainly does not behave this way. If you open a file in .DOCX format, ctrl-S will save in that format. Inkscape does not do this. My wife's Photoshop and Illustrator do not do this. (If the latest version of Adobe software does this, I wouldn't know. We don't have the latest.)

I'm no troll. I see both sides of the issue. But don't put out stuff that isn't true. So please, which word processor(s) are you talking about? Which vector editor are you talking about?

As for video editors? Video editors, by their very nature must export output but only saves a project file. They do not (or should not) include the source video files in them as the file sizes would be prohibitive.

Audio editors? I wouldn't know. My last experience with an audio editor was decades ago, but Goldwave back in the day could save as any format it supported.

GiMP gave users a choice of Windowing style. That was wonderful. They didn't pick a side on the issue at all. Some like a single window. Others like multiple. They said "here! now it's a mode switch! do it the way you like it!" Why didn't they do it like that with save/export?

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