Re: [Gimp-user] About bad new save export function in Gimp-2.8

On 09/11/2012 03:56 AM, maderios wrote:

It's the case... Developers know their job developers. They do not
listen to what happens on the side of people who work with images.

The GIMP development team is not a bunch of people hired from an
employment agency.  Most of them have already forgotten more about
image editing, in the sense of production work, than I will ever
know - I am certain of that, because they have to deal with atypical
"edge cases" that I never see.

They understand my workflow as a designer and all around graphics
production geek better than you do - as demonstrated in the case at
hand, where they decided to build part of my normal workflow into
the program's user interface as its default behavior.

My word processor responds to "control-s" by saving the open
document in its own native format, which does not happen to be
suitable for distribution to end users.  My audio editor does the
same thing.  My video editors do the same thing.  My vector editor
does the same thing.  The difference between "saving" work in
progress while using a specific tool, and "exporting" data files for
distribution to the great unwashed public, is not something that was
arbitrarily made up by GIMP developers.  It is a basic fact o' life
for those who work with digital media of any kind.

Yeah I know, responding to this subject is a clear cut case of
feeding teh trollz - but see earlier posts for adequate excuses, and
at least I am in good company.



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