[Gimp-user] Wacom pens with rotation supported ?

Did you select one of the components of the tablet, in the list on the
left? This list mentions the various peripherals. For example, for me
it contains four entries for the Wacom tablet. If I select one of
them, all entries under Axes specify a number.

Yes i did, in fact there are 3 entries:
Core pointer (my mouse)
Wacom Tablet Eraser
Wacom Tablet Pressure Stylus

Doesn't matter if i start Gimp with the mouse, stylus, airbrush... I get these 3.
Notice that the airbrush isn't in there. But both the Eraser and Stylus have a "Roulette:rien" line under the 
"Axes" table
I guess i should find some "WACOM Tablet Airbrush" line on the left for the airbrush ? And choosing that 
would lead to having a "Roulette" entry under the "Axes" table ? So does it mean that the driver isn't 
presenting the full array of available pens to GIMP ?

Probably because you are looking at your mouse or something else?
Well, i am surely looking at the stylus, but not at the mouse, that's for sure. In fact I choose "Eraser" or 
"Stylus" to get to see that list with the wheel.

It was attached to the message.
Oh ? I didn't find anything... Don't worry i get the idea of what it should have looked like !

Try the last version, 12.04. I hate the Unity environment, but you may
like it, or change to Gnome 3 or even something similar to Gnome 2.
Understood ! In fact i already have an old Ubuntu Karmic Koala somewhere on another hard drive. I'll boot on 
that later.

And we can continue this conversation privately in French.
Well, why not, but since this info might help someone else on the forum, I don't mind carrying on in English.

Gwenouille (via gimpusers.com)

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