Re: [Gimp-user] Wacom pens with rotation supported ?

Olivier could you pleas tell whether You use this in GNU/Linux or other OS?

I'm considering new tablet, that supports pen rotation but big problem
is to find something that's both affordable and works with GNU/Linux


2012/5/14, Daniel Smith <opened to gmail com>:
Since we're on this topic, does anyone have any recommendations
for good artpad/pen sets to buy? Used, good price, etc?
I have an old Wacom/Intuos1 pad, and have lost it's pen, and
was thinking about finding a replacement, but on second thought
I figured it's probably a waste of time and should look for a newer
set that can make use of newer features?

On 5/14/12, Gwenouille <forums gimpusers com> wrote:

It's used for this one too.

Your link does not work for me, but I know the Art Pen. I'm using it
with the Wheel parameter.

OK, thanks Olivier, that's great news !

Gwenouille (via
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