Re: [Gimp-user] CentOS packanges for 2.8?

On 07/15/2012 06:40 PM, Owen wrote:
Does CentOS use yum? What does # yum search canberra or # yum search clearlooks output?

======================================================== Matched: canberra =========================================================
libcanberra-gtk2.i686 : Gtk+ Bindings for libcanberra
libcanberra-gtk2.x86_64 : Gtk+ Bindings for libcanberra
libcanberra-devel.i686 : Development Files for libcanberra Client Development libcanberra-devel.x86_64 : Development Files for libcanberra Client Development
libcanberra.i686 : Portable Sound Event Library
libcanberra.x86_64 : Portable Sound Event Library

======================================================= Matched: clearlooks ========================================================
icewm-clearlooks.noarch : Clearlooks like theme for IceWM

I usually do this:

[daniel alpha ~]$ yum list | grep -i canberra
libcanberra.x86_64 0.22-1.el6.centos @anaconda-CentOS-201112091719.x86_64/6.2 libcanberra-gtk2.x86_64 0.22-1.el6.centos @anaconda-CentOS-201112091719.x86_64/6.2
libcanberra.i686 0.22-1.el6.centos             base
libcanberra-devel.i686 0.22-1.el6.centos             base
libcanberra-devel.x86_64 0.22-1.el6.centos             base
libcanberra-gtk2.i686 0.22-1.el6.centos             base
[daniel alpha ~]$ yum list | grep -i clearlooks
icewm-clearlooks.noarch 1.3.7-3.el6                   epel

The @ in the 3rd column indicates it's installed. Clearlooks seems to be coming from my home directory... I think...

But since I installed everything in /opt/gimp-2.8, should I also need to put canberra in there as well? I have a boat-load of conflicting libraries in there... (Sure would be nice to be able to package ALL of that stuff into a single RPM and just call it "gimp-2.8.0-0-retrofit.x86_64.rpm")

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