Re: [Gimp-developer] New Image/Color Management option

On 06/04/2016 12:12 PM, Alexandre Prokoudine wrote:

What re-evaluation are you talking about? Is this
discussion for real?

I think there does need to be a real and on-going discussion.

If GIMP is being developed for high end workflows as specified in the Vision statement, then it's important to get input from people who actually use high end workflows. Gez is exactly such a person. I think I qualify, though I'm not a professional.

I've had a small number of high end users including two bonified professionals from very different fields look at both default GIMP and my patched GIMP which has the babl flips disabled. Unanimously these people say that there is no way they would use default GIMP because the babl flips interfere with their workflow. Plus they need the option to work in wider color spaces than sRGB. But they liked using my patched GIMP.

One comment was that my patched GIMP, and especially with the extra LCH functionality, felt natural to use and was an easy replacement for PhotoShop. A related comment was that the LCH functionalities open up new possibilities for digital painting.

One comment was that if my patched GIMP had one additional feature that's already on the GIMP roadmap - something to do with non-destructive ediing but I don't remember the specifics - it would be the preferred editing application for many high end users. Other people also mentioned non-destructive editing and of course adjustment layers and the ability to easily record and replay repetitive actions.

A comment made by a couple of people was that the unbounded floating point ICC profile editing was incredibly useful, something apparently PhotoShop and most other image editors don't support very well.

Let's be completely clear about this: These high end users and professionals aren't praising *my* coding ability or *my* vision for GIMP. I'm a terrible coder and all I've done in my patched GIMP is disable the babl flips, add a few extra LCH functionalities, and recently added "anyrgb".

These people are talking about the truly awesomely excellent work that *everyone* on the GIMP team has done, with Mitch doing most of the actual coding for GIMP. So they were complimenting all of you devs, or all of us devs (people keep telling me I'm one of the GIMP devs).

And speaking of vision, I never would have realized the usefulness of unbounded image editing, which I think is from Pippin's vision. But now I can't imagine going back to editing bounded RGB.

As Gez has suggested, I think the GIMP devs should start seeking out high end users and asking for specific concrete feedback, which is something I've been trying to do for the last year.

Keep in mind that many "don't know/don't want to know" users do manage to use high end software like PhotoShop, Krita, and Blender without the software being hampered by training wheels, belts and suspenders.


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