Re: [Gimp-developer] New Image/Color Management option

El vie, 13-05-2016 a las 00:15 +0200, Simone Karin Lehmann escribió:
The prefs option is for display color management, and will soon
only be a default for a per-display switch.

The option in Image -> New allows to disable color management
and whatever color management transforms on a per-image base.

Woooh, I can’t believe it! You’re saying that

This is mainly because almost nobody understands what this
whole color stuff is about at all.

Is this how you think about all the people who use GIMP? That almost
none of them understands color management? 

Although I share your shock, I think Michael is right. Almost nobody
using GIMP understands color management, because there is virtually
nobody using GIMP seriously, and probably nobody will because of this
kind of design decisions.

I'm one of the few guys around using GIMP professionally in the field
of graphic design, and with each decision like this one, pointing to
the wrong audience (not the audience defined in the "product vision")
I'm becoming less and less convinced that it is a good idea to keep
using it.

The most pressing issues (like performance and quality) are constantly
postponed. But hey, we have a new dark theme and new icons.

This is ridiculous. And this is what is keeping serious users from
being interested in the application.
And if things keep going in this direction, GIMP will end up losing the
handful of people actually using it seriously and caring about it.

Instead of focusing on imagers devs seem to be focusing on eventual
users who only use the tool once a month for scaling some photos and
remove red eyes or making banners for online forums.

If that's the audience you care about, please amend the product vision
so people like me can move on, since there is no future for us with
GIMP. Eventual users and clueless people can learn. It only takes
Aiming low with features like this only makes us, the real audience,
want to run in the opposite direction.


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