Re: [Gimp-developer] New Image/Color Management option

El sáb, 04-06-2016 a las 10:07 +0200, Michael Schumacher escribió:

On 06/04/2016 04:25 AM, Gez wrote:

The most pressing issues (like performance and quality) are
postponed. But hey, we have a new dark theme and new icons.

We have these because there are people interested in them and
contributing to GIMP.

I'm not going to tell them to stop doing this. You?

Of course not, but take a quick look at the GIMP mailing lists archives
and see how much attention got that minor subject and how much
attention other important subjects receive.

That speaks volumes about the priorities of the project.
Why is it the goal of GIMP 2.10 to produce a GEGL-based version with
feature parity with the current stable?
Why is legacy support so important? where are the users saying that
their work will suffer if you move from sRGB compositing to linear

So no, I'm not going to tell anybody to stop doing what they are doing.
I'm not the one who has to set your priorities, it's you. 

Is it your priority to produce a great image manipulation software?
Then give imagers the tools they need.


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