Re: [Gimp-developer] New Image/Color Management option

El sáb, 04-06-2016 a las 18:26 +0300, Alexandre Prokoudine escribió:
Personally, I'm fine with a rant that has helpful bits of information
in it that could be extracted. All I can extract from your rant is
that you are annoyed so much that you post knowingly false

What "knowingly flase information"?

How does it help us make GIMP better?

Hopefully making people involved take one step back and re-evaluate how
they are addressing the target audience's needs.

Why is it the goal of GIMP 2.10 to produce a GEGL-based version
feature parity with the current stable?

Where did you even read this?

Oh, come on! You say you never heard that?
That the linear mode was a side effect from switching to GEGL, that
some features like that weren't supposed to be in 2.10 as the minimum
goal was producing a GEGL version of the 2.8 features, and anything
else would be a plus?
Iirc it was in the context of the first discussion about color
management (supporting other colorspaces than just sRGB). And iirc it
sounded as a pretext for kicking it to the future roadmap.
I don't have a link to a ml thread or an IRC log, so you'll have to
take my word.


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