Re: [Gimp-developer] Fwd: Fwd: Gimp Registry Future

I think we can discard 90% of those as spammers, if not more.

Probably 99%...

And any contributor of plug-ins and scripts can easily be asked to go
through a more elaborate process - e.g. provide some background, past
works/contributions to forums, ...

Yes, that would be the idea. Contributors would have to undergo a signup
process. That sign-up process would be manual (and labour-intensive, most
likely, but there you).

In fact, that's probably what we're gonna do right away, anyway, regardless
of how the plug-in comes along. That means bye-bye comments and forums, but
I'm afraid that's just unavoidable.

Ingo Lütkebohle, Dr.-Ing.
Machine Learning and Robotics Lab, IPVS, Universität Stuttgart

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