Re: [Gimp-developer] Fwd: Fwd: Gimp Registry Future

I am _not_ a developer, just a translator, please be kind ;-)

My 2(4?) cents:

Plugins are (almost all) not translated. This, when comes to integrate
GIMP with some plugins, bring the translated GIMP into a mess of
translated and untranslated menus and functions.

1) I think that a "good GIMP plugins guide & template" should be taken into
account in order to obtain a professional GIMP plugin registry

2) Some "good plugins guidelines" should be written _and_ enforced 
as it happens with Linux modules

3) GIMP plugins, should be grouped into some git repo somewhere

4) that repo should contain only actively supported plugins

now shoot me :-)


Marco Ciampa

"L'utopia sta all'orizzonte. Mi avvicino  di due passi, lei si allontana
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passi.  Per quanto cammini, non la raggiungerò  mai. A cosa serve
l'utopia? A questo: serve a camminare."              Eduardo Galeano

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