[Gimp-developer] Fwd: Gimp Registry Future

On  8.4.2014 at 10:44 AM <ingo> wrote:
Gimp Registry Future

Dear Registry Users,

I have maintained the registry for over 15 years now, and for the last
couple of years we have had an excellent team of co-maintainers who took
on a lot of the work. However, there are some much needed improvements
which are hard to carry out based on the current platform, and the work
due to abuse is growing. We cannot continue this on our own, unfortunately.

In particular, we really need better search and categorization
functionality, and would also like to integrate the registry more
tightly with The GIMP, such that downloading and installing plug-ins
becomes more straightforward. This new structure should also help combat
abuse much more effectively. This is no longer just a web-development
issue, but much more a plug-in development task.

Therefore, I would like to ask /you/ for some help with that.

Specifically, we need a plug-in which could access a back-end database
over the Internet, carry out queries, receive data in XML or JSON
format, download plug-ins, and install them automatically. Ideally, it
should also be able to display and acquire meta-data, such as ratings,
permissions required, etc.

Any takers?

cheers, Ingo

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