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Hi Sven -

It is nice to read this -
I am very interested in having it working on "the client side" - that is, a
GIMP plug-in that
could make one-click download of plug-ins, scripts and other resources
(brushes, tool settings, gradients and so on).

Having an API SPEC for the registry would be something great, because if
the current
implementation is found lacking in some aspects, it could later be changed
relative little pain, provided the API is respected.

We could build-up something that would allow users with different roles
(that is, system known " to individuals who are
reasonably well-known and accepted within their respective communities" )
who can sign plug-ins, resources, and we should mostly try to get the build
of plug-in binaries
for windows and mac, and possibly even some distributions, automated in
some form (Jenkins
can do the building for testing purposes, I suppose we could fetch the
binaries it generates in
some form?).

To get working going on the registry API itself, maybe we could start work
on it in
a wiki page, and in a later state consolidate that into a more stable
document that
can be rendered into code.



On 9 April 2014 09:57, Michael Schumacher <schumaml gmx de> wrote:

On 09.04.2014 14:51, Alexandre Prokoudine wrote:

The expected effect of that will be a huge increase of deployed
extensions and, as a consequence, an increased interest to GIMP from
people who write exploits. My concern is how this interest can
realistically be handled, because we shall be paying for a better
technology with an increased reputation risk.

The idea here is to cut down the number of people who may contribute
binaries, from about everyone right now to individuals who are
reasonably well-known and accepted within their respective communities
(for example, the various IRC channels or forums around GIMP).

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