Re: [Gimp-developer] wilber in the toolbar

On Sat, 2012-05-12 at 18:37 +0200, gg wrote:
[to SorinN]
> As the in-house GUI expert , I'm rather surprised you don't see that as 
> the priority too. But if you have "attachment" there's probably no harm 
> in you liking it.

Useability does not operate in a vacuum - branding is part of the user

Useable is aslo not always the same as "immediately comfortable."

Please, let's not attack people. It's really only a few pixels, and if
that's such a major issue I'd expect a bigger focus on more efficient
use of space in the docks and the file chooser dialogue. Power users can
turn wilber off, and I more often hear requests for a toolbar (which
would use up as much or more space!) than for how to turn off wilber
from newcomers to the gimp. Perhaps this is because Photoshop and
Illustrator also use the same space for branding.

I do think that if gtk had an explicit "drop files here" widget, maybe
like the one Sun and AT&T experimented with some 15 years ago (theirs
also had a "drag out from here" button that changed when the document
was non-empty) then the demands on Wilber might change, both in the
toolbox and in the no-image-window, but such a drag widget would need to
be used elsewhere, e.g in the gnome text editor, file manager, etc. The
useability studies at the time were very promising.



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