Re: [Gimp-developer] wilber in the toolbar

On 05/12/12 18:04, SorinN wrote: gustibus
probably an option in preferences will solve this problem forever
one million less me will put out the icon, me not - so we just get
million of happy peoples.

so my opinion is for the option to choose enable / disable Wilber icon
  in preferences

on that basis , the way to have million of happy peoples is to have it off by default, since most people will never be aware of the option and you (and mitch ;) ) are and can turn it on and cuddle him / she / it, or whatever it is you do.

The rest of the world gets some useful space.

As the in-house GUI expert , I'm rather surprised you don't see that as the priority too. But if you have "attachment" there's probably no harm in you liking it.


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