Re: [Gimp-developer] High bit depth processing

Partha Bagchi (partha1b gmail com) wrote:
> Is there is something one should know about the interaction with gegl
> for loading tiff or everything is contained in file-tiff-load.c?

I have not yet pushed any changes to file-tiff-load.c. But if you want
to look at how to use gegl for loading files then have a look at
file-png.c. This btw. was a port that was reasonably easy, the trickiest
thing being indexed PNGs.

file-gegl.c (EXR/HDR) is interesting as well, since it uses just pure
gegl to load the files, i.e. it constructs a graph that provides the
image data passed to gimp. Unfortunately this also means that I cannot
easily fix the mismatch in the data format for some files in the plugin...

I hope this helps,
              simon budig de    

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