Re: [Gimp-developer] wilber in the toolbar

SorinN wrote:

> "drop images" text message would me more efficient and explicit
> or probably an icon representing the drag and drop action...

now that would be really annoying, looking at that 40 hours a week,
every week of the year, no?

> Wilber itself has nothing to do with the fact of 
> "remembering the drag and drop"'s just a branding sign
> for me is ok - I like it there but : 
> - a new user will not be informed about the functionality we talk about
> - an old GIMP user ...know that already

we are talking about a shortcut here. first of all the normal,
highly findable (of not a bit boring) way is to use the File->Open
menu item. nifty shortcuts like this are documented in the
manual, and shared on the internet.

> for meis ok as is (I have no points against it) - but talking about usability ...a clean message or a representative icon for that functionality would do a better informal job.

well, usability is a lot more than ‘what can do people find out
in the first 5 minutes’ (ease of learning). GIMP is designed
for other goals: speed of use, the freedom to create, etc.


        founder + principal interaction architect
            man + machine interface works on interaction architecture

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