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Am 12.05.12 10:02, schrieb Alexandre Prokoudine:

AFAIK, our reasoning for presenting tools' options in a vertically
oriented dockable dialog in the sidebar is that we care about vertical

If we do care about it, is there a reason we add a Wilber logo to the
top of the toolbar? I've been hearing questions how to remove it for a
couple of years already, and that tells me that users also care about
vertical space.


Alexandre Prokoudine
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Hi Alexandre,
IMO the Wilber logo is currently not obsolete. Its purpose is to drag and drop files on it to open them in GIMP. This can also be done by dragging files onto the canvas. But AFAIK this only works with an empty canvas. The technical easiest way to get more vertical space would be an option in Preferences/Toolbox/Appearance to show the Wilber logo. This would also match the product vision (' GIMP is user-configurable to automate repetitive tasks'). Another space saving solution: the 'Images' dialog could be made a drag and drop target and have an one click option to always stick in the foreground. Dragging an image into the dialogs empty space or an icon in its bottom bar would open the image. Dragging an image onto another image in the dialog would open it as a new layer. This had the following advantages for the users: - they could then minimize the GIMPs main window(s) and toolbar to get more space on the screen - they would still have a drag and drop target in the foreground wherever they want - they would be able to open an image with just one click into the 'Images' dialog

I think, GIMP usage should be made as easy as possible, to get rid of its long-year bad 'GIMP is too complicated'-image.

Best regards,


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