Re: [Gimp-developer] Bring back normal handling of other file formats

El 20/06/12 12:58, peter sikking escribió:
Richard Gitschlag wrote:

So if I may throw an echo into the room and ask why the particular message box CAN NOT provide a yes/no prompt, with "Yes" transferring control to the Export box and "No" cancelling back to the Save dialog?
as I said before: no trip through Save if it is not safe.

it is simply not allowed to ‘feel’ safe. seriously.

in the long run (and that is how I am thinking) going cold turkey
on this, with no fudges, is in the best interest of users.

one of the biggest usability attributes of save + export is
that the model is very clean: inside GIMP there is only xcf,
which can be safely saved. everything else is import/export.

no gotchas.

no fudging.

I understand your point and I do agree, it's in the best interest of users.
The solution I proposed in my last message doesn't break this safer workflow, but allows users to say "I know the risks and I still want to do it this way" (it takes two extra actions: marking "don't ask me again" and choosing "save anyway"). After that, it's their responsability. If they want to go unsafe, it's their call. If something goes wrong the finger will point in only one direction.

Again, I don't think this is necessary, but some people seem to find it essential for their work, and since it doesn't break the proposed workflow and doesn't add extra dialogs or clutter, it's probably a reasonable compromise.

I think this is pretty much like the single-window discussion. When you started the specification it was the #1 user request, although a lot of people was happy with the good-old floating windows (myself included). You came up with a solution that doesn't break the floating windows UI and we have an extra mode which is also very handy. Having both and a checkbox was, in some way, a reasonable compromise. Well, there's no chance to destroy work with the window mode toggle, of course. I mean it was a compromise to conciliate the new workflow with the old workflow and don't leave people out of the picture (people who are also part of the target group).


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